Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Promises Everything; Already Preparing to Deliver Nothing

Folks, I called this months ago (back in May, actually), even before the current economic crisis was so apparent. Now that Obama's folks seem comfortable in the prospects of winning the White House, they are already laying the groundwork to admit to the American people that they can't deliver on all the crap that Obama promised. BIG. SHOCK. PEOPLE.

What will the excuses be? Will he be like Rod Blagojevich, who is still trying to blame some problems on former Governor Ryan, though Blago's been in office six years now? Or will Obama blame the Congress, again kind of like Blago, whose party has a virtual lock on the state legislature--considering that Obama, if elected, will likely have significant Dem majorities in both the House and Senate?

Or will he simply say that not even Superman could have fixed the mess he inherited?

Oh, wait, you told us you WERE Superman.

If you vote for Obama, DO NOT COME CRYING LATER.

This has been a Team America public service announcement.


Anonymous said...

What's that old adage that those who forget the past will surely repeat it. Well, TA, the 'messiah' did zippo as an IL State Senator and nothing as our junior Senator in DC these past 2 years. Then again, he's been running and running and running. Don't expect anything to change. This guy is all talk and no action. You are so right, TA. I don't want to hear one damn complaint from anyone once that guy and his team take over at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Team America said...

And if he doesn't win, what's the bet that he immediately begins campaigning for 2012, and doesn't do a damn thing for Illinois for the next 4 years, but keeps his senate paycheck.

If he loses and doesn't resign as senator, but institutes a 4-year campaign plan, Illinoisans should call for his resignation if he wants to campaign as a full-time job.