Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keith Gray Hits Senator Terry Link on Graveyard Voting in 30th Senate District

Keith Gray, Waukegan businessman and GOP challenger to Senator and Lake County Dem Chairman Terry Link has sent out a tough mailer blasting Link on ethics and taking Link to task for having the names of deceased persons show up on his nominating petitions. You can download the complete mailer here. The piece is quite clever, featuring a picture of a cemetery with a Link campaign sign on one of the graves, as if to show where Link’s support appears to be coming from. It also ties Link, who is in senate leadership, to Governor Blagojevich, who the Chicago Tribune noted today (in a huge front-page article) has a lower approval rating than even President Bush.

The theme of the Dems importing Chicago-style politics to Lake County, including fraudulent petitions and campaign disclosure issues, voter registration problems, and mailers incorrectly featuring Cook County tax issues in Lake County races, has been front and center in many of the local Lake County races.

Word is that Senator Link went ‘ballistic’ when he saw the Gray “Graveyard” piece and is planning a hit of his own. TA understands that Gray has several more biting mailers in the queue, however. Regardless of what mud Link may try to fling at Gray, it’ll be very tough for Link to salvage his sullied reputation concerning the indicted campaign workers, so this could end up being a sleeper race that lands a big surprise on November 4th.

Also, many local Dems in Waukegan and North Chicago (which comprises much of Link’s base) have decided that they have had enough of Link, after 12 years of doing little to nothing to benefit minorities in what are some of the poorest communities in Lake County, not to mention other issues. Among other signs of Link dissatisfaction among the Dems, see an endorsement of Keith Gray from prominent Waukegan Dem precinct committeeman Keith Turner here, and a letter to the editor from Dem activist Marian McElroy that blasts Link for not supporting minority candidates for judicial subcircuit races here (the two Dem candidates are both Caucasian men, and the GOP candidates are Judge Valerie Ceckowski and Judge George Bridges (an African-American)).


8thDistrictCommitteeman said...

Paying someone to get your signatures for you - Several hundred dollars.

Constituents who will support you even after they're gone - Priceless!

Gotta love that picture. Keith must have some real geniuses working for him. Hopefully the voters will be smart and give Terry some free time to tend the flowers at those graves.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

TA I don't know about you but I think the trib has lost its mind. Endorsing Jeff Schoenberg could have been the biggest goof move. When New Trier was attacked he stood up for his teacher union buddies, pretty ugly stuff. I am also heartened to see lots of Appel signs in the southern part of the district.

Anonymous said...
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Team America said...

I'm using my discretion and removing some nasty comments about Keith Turner. He's not running for office, and the comments I have removed are just personal attacks. If you want to comment on someone's political views or actions, that's one thing. But gratuitous personal comments won't be allowed.

I'm also getting a little tired and bored with the Ellen comments, too... we all have the same opinion about her and her blog, pretty much, so let's try to elevate the conversation and keep it to the relevant issues, and not just griping about what craziness is being peddled on her blog.

Anonymous said...

Delete my comments if you must, but please take my advice. Keep your distance from Turner and do not let the Gray campaign be tainted by him.