Monday, October 20, 2008

Dan Seals on Health Care

Have you seen those cable ads from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce commending Mark Kirk for his work to expand access to health care in America? And have you also seen those crazy national Democratic Party cable ads claiming Mark Kirk hates seniors? Certainly a contradiction on the airwaves. The ads inspired me to do a little more research into the contrast between Dan Seals and Mark Kirk on the issue.

Here's a brief summary of Kirk's record from his Web site. And here's the Fact Check on the Democratic claims. 100% ratings from the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Children's Health Fund -- not bad, Congressman!

But what about the pup? What's his record (I use that term very loosely) on health care? To answer that burning question, I am pleased to unveil the a Real Deal Seals page: Dan Seals on Health Care.

From taking away critical services for 90,000 10th District seniors, to taking away all prescription drug coverage for seniors, to providing taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants to putting the people who run the post office between you and your doctor, Dan Seals is quite extreme when it comes to health care.


Anonymous said...

Dan is a socialist. This stuff scares me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At this point in campaigns the kool-aid wears off and the sobriety sinks in unless you are a lonely crazed catwoman. The national democrats wanted this seat like none other to remove one of the stars of the house gop, Mark kirk.

They pledged boffo bucks and early on spent like drunken sailors thinking they could get mark. But they haven't because they now realize that all efforts to combat the machine that TA has chronicled are futile.

Quitting on Dan is a sign that it's all over and we wish Dan well in his employment search. He can take heart that had he been in congress his policies would have made it a lot harder.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, we can't let down quite yet. Are you forgetting the voter registration fraud out here and most definitely in Cook county? We need to get every voter out to vote if we are going to win this and send the pup and the catwoman far, far away. We have 2 weeks to get this done. We can all celebrate once we have made certain that everyone who can vote for Mark, has, indeed, done so.

Anonymous said...

Team Kirk thinks they have things signed sealed and delivered which is why they have emphatically passed on major reinforcements from higher up the food chain and outside the district. La proverbial guerre est finis.

Key Mistakes Dan made on the way to losing.

1. Self-inflicted wounds. Dan shot himself in the foot more than rex grossman. He should have fired his campaign team and they should never work in politics again after this disaster.

2. Jan is an old crusty cultural warrior overdue for retirement, not a political mentor who can make magic. Her protege gash went nowhere, so did you.

3. All politics is local. You have to live fiscal conservatism, breathe moderate social politics, and eat walker brothers to succeed on the north shore.

3a. The daily kos does not represent the north shore. Gash at least tried to fake being one of us with her new democrat shtick. People here are smart, hard working and not in need of america hating and government handouts.

4. Under-estimating team america. Speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Got Socialism?

AW said...

Saw Dan's Creepy Campaign Manager Again. Does he know how many of us left that campaign after '06 because of that guy?

Anonymous said...

Patrick Mogge will never set foot in a campaign ever again. Mark gets the endorsement of the trib tomorrow and thats it.

I forgot reason 6 of why dan lost: Anti-Israel zealotry like what ellen is talking about. Freedom's watch is a pro-israel group lead by ari fleischer, one of the most powerful pro-israel jewish advocates around and for her to go after him is stunningly pro-pa.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I know I shouldn't have read the catwoman's tirade tonight. She needs to get her facts straight, but that's an ongoing problem with her and her ranting and raving.

Freedom's Watch has many pro-Israel suppporters, including Sheldon Adelson. Too bad she doesn't know what this man and his wife have brought to the Birthright Program. But how could she know when that woman is in no way connected to the community. She is out of touch, harsh, over the top and just plain irrelevant.

I've never seen the Seals campaign guy and hope to not encounter him in the next 2 weeks. I see the work of his Chicago-style campaign and that's enough for me.

So now it's late and I'm so angry that I won't get to sleep anytime soon. It's my fault. Reading her insane ravings should be outlawed as dangerous to one's health. Mine for sure.

We're in the home stretch. Let's just keep the momentum going, get out the vote and then send these strangers back to where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Wow, TA, can you just imagine what the catwoman, her mom and her 2 others buddies must be doing this morning after reading the Tribune's endorsement of Mark Kirk! That he's the first Congressional endorsement says a whole lot. That they've endorsed Morganthaler over Roskam also says something. The Tribune is not the Trib of old. But back to the great endorsement of Mark Kirk. They say it all. He is the thoughtful, independent leader who must remain in Congress helping solve the issues that we're going to face in larger measure come next January. Well earned, and certainly well deserved.