Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lake County Voter Fraud Suit Heads to Federal Court; Is There A Dan Seals Connection?

Yesterday, the voter fraud suit we told you about was removed to federal court. While the Lake County News-Sun interpreted this move by Democrats to stymie the lawsuit as a victory that would result in no action until after the election, I'm not sure that's correct at all. In my experience, federal courts are very used to moving swiftly and taking action on emergency issues, so while this may mean a delay of a day or two, it's still very possible a federal judge could hear the case before Nov. 4th.

Interestingly, while State Senator Terry Link (who is also Democratic Lake County Chairman) has been known to ignore some moves by the GOP from time to time, this one apparently got his attention, as he showed up personally to the hearing yesterday. He's still making excuses and missing the point, though, as shown by his comments to the News-Sun:

Sen. Terry Link, D-Waukegan, who doubles as Lake County Democratic Committee chairman, called the suit "a desperate reach," and "a tactic" being used by Republicans nationwide in an effort to stymie an avalanche of new young and minority voters who they fear will vote Democratic. *** "They're trying to suppress the vote, especially in North Chicago and Waukegan, in African-American areas," Link said. "You don't see them challenging people in Lake Forest or Barrington. If there are illegal registrations, the clerk should find them. If she can't, she should hire more people."

As usual, Link tries to blame politicians for inserting politics into an election. Huh? Don't quite get that one, but trying to shift blame to Republicans is a common tactic with Link, who tried to cast redirect blame from his campaign regarding his fraudulent petitions to so-called "Republican operatives."

And, excuse me, the County Clerk needs to hire more people? Isn't this the same Senator Link that told us the county couldn't afford new judges (until he worked it out so they had a chance to be Democratic judges)? Link to me looks once again like he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is trying desperately to make up excuses. Good luck with the federal court, Senator.


Interestingly, Dan Seals is on the record as supporting Citizen Action, which is the group accused in the lawsuit of turning in the scores of bogus registrations. Watch his endorsement of the group here:

However, TA is told that Seals recently pulled the endorsement of himself BY Citizen Action off Seals' website.

Wonder why?


Anonymous said...

For the record, I offered the catwoman the opportunity to learn the true reasons behind the fraud lawsuit. I await her response. I won't hold my breath.

She has updated her "story" three times now and her usual wild theories and conspiracy statements won't be repeated here.

But "Jim Crow" tactics? LOL!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Uh, Senator Link? Princess the Goldfish lived in Deerfield.

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

Hi Lou- I did go over to Ellen's and couldn't find any of your comments posted (big shock), but I was surprised to see that Ellen interpreted the lawsuit as the Lake COunty GOP 'throwing Willard Helander under the bus.' I used to think that Ellen was pretty smart, but if she doesn't understand that Willard is the one who identified all this fraud in the first place, and is the defendant in the case only in her official capacity, maybe Ellen isn't as smart as I thought. Anyone in Lake County with any brains knows we think Willard is about the best thing we have going (notwithstanding Mark Kirk, of course). "Jim Crow" my ass.

Anonymous said...

With criminal investigations now underway in Lake County and the Northern District of Illinois, looks like Robert Creamer may be going back to jail.

I like how Seals cut Creamer loose in a statement released at midnight.


Anonymous said...


No she hasn't published any comments (shock!) and I gave her the option of directly contacting me (she hasn't) so I guess truth or facts is not what she is after. (Shock!)

And the goldfish it turned out lived in Buffalo Grove, not Deerfield. Democat lives in Deerfield. To my knowledge Democat is not registered to vote. My bad.

Perhaps Dan Seals' walking message on his website should now say: "Hi, I'm Dan Seals and I'll say and do anything to get elected!"

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

If Mark saved a child in the street about to be run over by a car, catwoman would blame him for its near death. She's nuts.

Every politician and campaign operative will privately tell you that nothing makes them happier than when their own guys do dirty tricks. There are GOP operatives in florida that have become legends for their wonderful talents that put us over the top down there.

Dan is a thug and is no doubt involved with this crap. I look forward to his defeat.

Mogge will also go down as the worst dem operative in the country.

Convert said...

Funny how the Democrooks decided to challenge this lawsuit claiming a suppression of illegal registrants. I have always voted as a Democrat but now I am so embarrased to be affiliated with this group of thugs, I am converting! If they are unable to win elections with an honest discussion of their platform, then they do not deserve my support! I thank you for this blog TA - it is honest and has provided with factual information that is disturbing at best.

just a girl said...

Welcome Convert! I live in Dan Duffy's district and noticed his opponent Bill "the Liar" Gentes also earned the endorsement of Citizens Action.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the fold Convert!

Baxter's Mom

Anonymous said...

Mogge needs a defense attorney