Friday, October 31, 2008

Pioneer Press Notes the Ellen v. Team America Flame War

The Pioneer Press BlogBuzz column has noted the cyberwar between Ellen of the Tenth and Team America in the 10th District, as we each support our favored candidates, Dan Seals and Mark Kirk, respectively.

BTW, Team America is currently clocked in at over 46,000 hits since last October. I was hoping to hit 50,000 by Election Day, and it looks like we'll be just a tad short, but refer your friends and we'll see how close we get!


Anonymous said...

Talk about the campaign that could not shoot straight!!! Team Seals is apparently sending around and alert about a screw-up with their final direct mail piece not getting delivered in time!

Tell me again why should we put this guy in charge when he can't even mail a postcard? LOL

Anonymous said...

I bet they forgot to pay the postage - how selfish of the post office not to just mail it anyway!

Anonymous said...

I congratulate the pioneer press on needing 2 reporters to write a 2 sentence blog item, but am pleased to see you getting the props nonetheless. The key comment though came in chuck wenk's hp news where he talked about how he was proudly doing an obama-kirk vote.

96 hours until Dan gets to vote for his own congresswoman and 108 hours until he gets to lose to our own congressman!!!!