Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rampant Voter Registration Fraud Investigated in 10th District (UPDATED)

The Lake County Clerk along with the Sheriff and State's Attorney, is investigating allegations of rampant voter registration fraud in Lake County.

The Lake County News-Sun reported:

Officials indicated that more than 800 of the forms were turned into the clerk's office by a Chicago resident claiming to represent several community organizations in Lake County.

The registrations involved were primarily located in eastern areas of the county, [Lake County Clerk Willard] Helander said, and concentrated in the 10th Congressional District where Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk faces Democratic challenger Dan Seals.

Does this remind anyone of the nationwide problems now finally coming to light regarding ACORN and Barack Obama's ties to that organization?

It also smacks of the same forgery allegations that led to the indictment of two of State Senator Terry Link's campaign workers for having deceased people on Link's nomination petitions. The News-Sun also reported:

Sheriff Mark Curran said the investigation has the potential to result in serious charges. "Clearly there are forgery issues and what have you that are felonies and serious issues that are being investigated," Curran said. "At this point it's hard to say how far it's going to lead."

In addition to the registrations turned in by the individual, Helander said she is also very concerned about registrations that involved valid addresses but were not filled out by the residents of those homes. Some residents who received mass-mailed registration forms with incorrect information such as the name of deceased people or pets brought those forms to the attention of the clerk's office.

The individual mentioned in the story is not named, so we'll have to do a little digging. Be back with more information soon...

ALSO- As regular TA readers know, the Lake County GOP has brought an official complaint against Terry Link's campaign for failure to disclose payments from the campaign to the indicted campaign workers, as well as failure to properly document and itemize over $40,000 in campaign expenditures. The first hearing before the State Board of Elections is this coming Tuesday. It will reportedly be a "private" hearing among the Board members, who will decide whether to actually take the complaint any further and have a public hearing on the issue. The Board has four Republicans and four Democrats, and a vote along party lines would mean that the complaint would not be taken any farther. Let's hope at least one Democratic member has the guts to at least decide that the complaint should receive a full hearing. After all, Terry Link is steadfast in his position that he's done absolutely nothing wrong...

UPDATED: h/t to an alert reader who noted that the Tribune has also picked up the story. Dogs, goldfish and dead people were among the registered voters.

I haven't seen a reaction yet from Terry Link in his capacity as Lake County Democratic Party Chairman, but I'm sure he thinks this is simply another case of "Republican operatives" trying to thwart the democratic election process.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that nobody is surprised by all of this, TA. Question will be: how will it be resolved. You know without a shadow of a doubt that goons are all over this district courtesy of the DCCC, the Chicago 'connection' where voting soon and often, including those whose current 'address' happens to be in cemeteries all around here. We need to be vigilant and not let this go as business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with the previous post. The pup and his Democratic goons can't be allowed to take over the Tenth District. Anyone who can spare an hour or two needs to call the Kirk campaign office at 847/498-0300 amd volunteer time to help Mark remain in Congress. We have just over two weeks to ensure victory on November 4th. Ask your friends and neighbors to show their support with their vote.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27 and other readers, yes, call the KFC campaign and offer to help with whatever hours you can give in the next couple of weeks. Handing out Kirk flyers at the early voting sites in more important than ever. Offering to help on election day, even for 2 hours, can help bring the success we need when the polls close on November 4. We have our constituents, not those from the union halls in the city or from other districts, courtesy of the DCCC, Schakowsky & Co. No whining. Let's just deal with reality and offer to help with a couple of hours that we all can spare.
I know that TA will keep us informed of the progress on the story that broke this morning in the News Sun. You weren't surprised by this, were you?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dan Seals has learned from:

Terry Link, Lake Co. Democratic Chair, whose campaign is under indictment

Lauren Beth Gash, 10th Dems Chair, who received the largest FEC fine ever

Robert Creamer, Rep. Schakowsky's husband, who was convicted of two felonies and

Dan's largest donor, corrupt Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY).

Dan Seals is bringing Chicago-style politics to the suburbs - if you cannot win an election, steal it.

Anonymous said...

TA, the Tribune has picked up the story. Makes you rather sad to think that cats, dead people, other pets are now being registered out here courtesy of some nutjobs. This district sure is changing. Sadly, not in the way we'd like it to 'grow'. Read the just posted Tribune story. It just gets worse.

Anonymous said...

It is now clear the democrats intend to steal this election by perpetuating fraud. Therefor Mark must take action to put together a legal team to challenge the vote totals.

Also catwoman is now trying to get dead people to vote. One has to think it is some form of animal cruelty for a poor cat to have to live with that thing.

Anonymous said...

Daily Herald has also picked up the story. Comments after the story by the Democrats must be read to be believed.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Daily Herald had it before anyone else -- by a few hours.

Anonymous said...

These guys prove why fox news is a national treasure and deserve to be watched.

From the interview, Dan could be the most pompous arrogant unemployed ex-intern ever. This isn't your district Dan, you don't live here and no one's ever elected you nor will they. He has four paid staff on his campaign, one of whom the Durbin people think is incompetent and another, his flak, he practically throws under the bus.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Fox TV interview and agree with you, Anon 11:48. Seals is a programmed message very pompous jackass. That he doesn't live in the 10th is an issue, but what's more of an issue is his total lack of credibility which is kinder way of saying he's a lying sack of you know what. Watching this just fires me up even more to help get out the vote for Mark Kirk and send this disgraceful excuse for a real candidate back where he belongs and that's the 9th district. To be honest, I'd like to see him go a lot farther away than the 9th district. This unemployed guy needs to find something to do. Change for sure, change in his location permanently. He is such a lying loser of a person.

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of why the Republican Party is going to get slaughtered again this election cycle even with idiots like Dan Seals running for the Dems.

Lone Wolf a.k.a. RPT said...

Just sent this viral, hope it helps get out the message!

Anonymous said...

As an educated jewish man from the suburbs who went to better schools than many of these media liberal elites it's harder for me to see the Neanderthal in these folks but it's pretty clear that they are flagrantly arrogant, bias, and condescending towards palin and that website is part of the problem.

Obama has never run a girl scout troop and his top foreign affairs advisor susan rice was the clinton aide that allowed 1 million people to die in rwanda and yet somehow he's more qualified to be commander in chief?

It's bull shit.

Dan's a douchebag and I hope after this campaign mark finally gets religion and tells andy mckenna he's sick of fighting for his life every 2 years and it would be nice to have a republican party to keep the vermin like jan and terry link from biting his ankles all the time.

Also this is the best bear game in a long time and they will win it so I hope you watch it if you aren't out.

Lone Wolf a.k.a. RPT said...

ACORN = Another Corrupt Obama Radical Network!

Anonymous said...

I think that the voter registration fraud is more serious and odious than we think. We have a very short window to get the facts out in the open, investigate who is behind all this, what can be done to guarantee that convicted felons and illegals haven't already voted. This is not the time to second guess anyone or any thing. And if it's rampant out here, guess what's going on in Cook County. I don't want to stay up all night on 11/4 wondering why we stood by as an election was stolen. We need to get on this and we need to do it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Correction: In the blog, it says the goldfish was actually registered. Not true. I was the goldfish's owner. I confirmed with the Lake County Clerk's office that "Princess" was NEVER a registered voter. We received a registration form for "Princess", and, seeing no other address other than the clerk's office, sent it there with a note to NOT register this as a voter, but to take it off any contact list.

Voter registration fraud did not happen in this case. Instead, the third party who sent us the card could have been doing us a service. I applaud their efforts.

Lone Wolf a.k.a. RPT said...

Anon 12:07,
Why do we need to waste taxpayer's money following up on these sorts of fraudulant voters? We could use that money wasted having that third party voter registor "doing us a favor" by not taking it in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Sad to think people are registering as dead people, you have to wonder what makes them to these things?
What's thier advantage?
Who are these people?
Thank Clark Miles

sarik said...

This is total that Republicans have an excuse to SUPPRESS legitimate votes.

Kirk is a CIA agent. He knows about rigging elections.

Funny how the Republicans use projection so much. THEY are planning massive vote fraud so they accuse the Democrats of bogus registrations.
Do you really think they're going to register a goldfish to vote. YOu people are too stupid to live.